Client Testimonials

“My experience with Active (Divine) Spine has given me absolutely the best results for relief of pain and to gain general movement in my whole body. I have had scoliosis since puberty, and stared having walking troubles in my 50’s. At 60, I had a discectomy, and have had re-occurring pain in my lower lumbar, hips, and legs. I tried physio, acupuncture, and I do not tolerate pain medication, therefore, must deal with this in the least painful way possible.

I absolutely love the method of treatment with Dr. Colin. The treatment does not hurt, and also does not leave me sore after a treatment. The smallest amount of pressure seems to do the best for me and I stand taller and have much more flexion in my spine and legs right after a treatment. I am very grateful for the care and attention that Dr. Colin gives to me. The staff is wonderful and I look forward to all of my treatments. Thank you Active Spine!!”

- Colleen Carr-Rodin

“I came to Active Spine back in January 2021. I had been experiencing numbness in my left arm under my shoulder blade, and numbness into my foot. Dr. Colin first did an initial assessment and determined I was carrying about 15 pounds extra on my left side. He sent me for xrays, then developed a treatment plan from there.

The numbness and pain in my arm and foot has decreased substantially in just 3 short months. I am now able to do things I enjoy doing for longer periods of time. I noticed major differences even doing housework.

I had done traditional chiro in the past but not much success. The technology is far less intrusive than traditional chiro with great results. The facility is clean and no concerns going even during Covid. Staff are friendly and helpful. Definitely money well spent.”

- Kyle H.

“I got into a bad car accident almost 10 years ago; I have been to 6 different physiotherapists, 5 different chiropractors, and 8 different massage therapists. I have been seeing these practitioners for 10 years.

I haven’t slept properly in a long time, I get severe migraines and headaches, I can’t concentrate, and I am in severe pain 24/7. Nothing has really helped.

I finally decided to look online again and I found Active Spine; I was hesitant because nothing had worked before, but I gave them a call. When I met Dr. Colin I told him “you probably can’t help me.” He did one adjustment and I feel better! After the second adjustment, I actually slept after my headache and neck pain went away! I’m on my 6th adjustment and still no headaches, I’m also sleeping and I can move my neck and I feel so much better! I highly recommend that anybody who has severe neck pain to go see him.”

- Crystal D.

“I have seen many chiropractors after a back injury that left me with chronic pain. While most were able to help reduce pain in the moment, my posture was declining rapidly and they were not able to improve it. When I began seeing Dr. Crawford, he was able to identify the issue with my posture immediately which no one else had done. While previous chiropractors used manipulation, Dr. Crawford used technology instead that felt much more subtle at the time, but produced lasting pain relief. Over the course of three months, my pain has greatly reduced and my posture improved. I am very happy I found Active Spine! “

- Larissa P.

“I started chiropractic treatment a few months ago. I had neck, back and hip/leg pain. Since going to see Dr. Crawford I no longer have migraines. My back and leg pain have disappeared. I enjoy life more as I am now going out and doing things that I couldn’t do before because of my pain. The staff at Active Spine chiropractic clinic are the friendliest, most professional, and knowledgeable staff that I have ever met. I highly recommend that everyone come to see Dr. Crawford and his staff so that they can treat anyone with physical health problems.”

- Deanna C.